Mr. Robert Ackermann


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A one-time medical student, I combined my scientific inclinations with my artistic ones to make a career of creating beautiful objects of rare quality. An affinity for permanent values and a fascination with precious metal constructions drew me to goldsmithing.

I was privileged to learn the trade from the bottom up in Switzerland's dual education system under the master goldsmiths at Trudel Juwelier in Zurich (Switzerland; formerly Burch-Korrodi) in 1980. The studio was internationally renowned for its high standard of quality and post-Bauhaus designs by Kurt Aepli. After graduating with the Federal Diploma of Competence, I worked at Riethmann Goldschmied, another one of Zurich's finest goldsmiths.

In 1986 I returned to Canada, creating handmade, contemporary jewelry in my own studio. In 1993 Robert Ackermann Inc. was established in Montreal, QC (Canada) and I graduated as a gemologist from GIA a couple years later.

I've exhibited throughout Canada and at major international trade shows. Gradually I found myself teaching college-level courses at the École de Joaillerie et de Métaux d’Art de Montréal (today the École de Joaillerie de Montréal) and served on numerous juries.

Imbued with the traditional Swiss standards of quality and precision, I've won several awards and honors, among them a couple AGTA Spectrum Awards.

I currently teach Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles, CA, alongside my online course for jewelry creators, Jewelry Design & Sketching, the always-curious, forever-learning educator.