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I grew up in Houston & also in Venezuela, South America. from toddler till teenager was in Maracaibo & Caracas.
Both of my parents are from Colombia, South America. 
I studied Art History & Architecture at the University of Houston. Interior Design at the Art Institute  - Houston
Jewelry Manufacturing & Metalsmithing at Glassell School of Art
Diamonds, Diamond Grading & Colored Stones & Colored Stone Grading at GIA ( The Gemological Institute of America ) Santa Monica.
Became a Graduate Gemologist in 1991.
I have continued my Gemology education & the appraisal of fine jewelry and residential contents & decorative arts, with ISA & ASA. in the past few years.
I love designing jewelry and repurposing jewelry from past eras into newer versions that are more contemporary and wearable, unless I feel that I am taking away the value or contribution of the piece.
I love all kinds of Gems and Jewelry & passionate about pearls.
I love to speak Spanish & cook all kinds of International foods.
I am a member of National Association of Jewelry Appraisers 
former member & Treasurer for the Houston Chapter of ASA - American Society of Appraisers.
former & soon to be again member of ISA - International Society of Appraisers .
Member of the Appraisal Foundation