Ms. Alanna Campbell

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My passion for jewellery started at a very young age, long before I ever thought I would make a career in the industry.  

Starting in a sales position at a locally owned jewellery store, my boss nurtured my interest in gemstones.  Before I knew it, I was enrolled in the first of many courses with GIA.  I successfully completed the GIA Graduate Gemologist program in 2016.  

With my keen interest in learning and my amateur detective skills, appraising jewellery was the ideal next step.  While completing the Master Valuer Program, I gained an appreciation for vintage and antique jewellery.  Researching auction catalogues and discovering the unique design elements that dominated each unique design era was fascinating to me.  

I officially launched AC Appraisals in February 2020 shortly before the world was put into lockdown.  The timing was less than ideal for my business and so many others around the world. During the lockdown, I was comforted by the unique opportunities that were created specifically within the jewellery industry.  “Geminars” (gem-webinar) that were offered to anyone interested in learning quickly filled up my otherwise empty social calendar.  Suddenly having so many industry experts and veterans on my computer screen washed away the COVID-19 blues.  My new problem became not having enough time to watch them all.  

My career in the jewellery industry has brought me to many places and introduced me to many wonderful people.  As my thirst for knowledge continues and with travelling to trade shows still on hold, I decided to participate in the WJA Mentor Program.  Through the years I have learned that the jewellery industry truly is a community of dedicated and passionate people.  I hope to do my part in upholding the industry’s integrity and carry forward the knowledge and skills of those that came before me.  I look forward to meeting you!