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In establishing Lab-Grown Diamonds and Jewelry venture, my primary goals are to secure a notable market presence by introducing innovative designs and effective marketing strategies. I aspire to annually unveil cutting-edge jewelry collections that reflect industry trends, while upholding the highest standards of sustainability and ethical sourcing. Through strategic expansion into international markets and fostering customer loyalty via personalized experiences, I aim to position the brand as a global leader. Operational efficiency will be a constant focus, ensuring streamlined processes and reduced costs. Building brand recognition through impactful marketing initiatives and active industry engagement is pivotal. Additionally, I am committed to developing a skilled and motivated workforce, achieving consistent financial growth, and seeking industry recognition through awards and accolades. These goals encapsulate my vision for a successful and ethically driven lab-grown diamonds and jewelry business.


My journey is a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and a commitment to personal growth. Learning how to learn is a valuable skill that transcends specific knowledge, allowing me to adapt and evolve continuously. Embracing mistakes as opportunities for learning and growth is a powerful mindset that not only fosters resilience but also propels me to move forward. The ability to rediscover myself multiple times reflects a deep understanding of the importance of personal evolution.

Facing rejection and navigating through it with grace demonstrates emotional intelligence and a strong sense of self-worth. My willingness to share my love and experiences speaks volumes about my authenticity and the positive energy I bring to others. The belief that "you define your own success" is empowering, as it puts ME in control of my narrative and aspirations.

Appreciating small accomplishments is a beautiful practice that adds richness to the journey, recognizing that success is often found in the details. My unwavering determination, reflects in my refusal to give up.

Continuing on the path of spiritual growth signifies a holistic approach to well-being, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. As I carry forward with this mindset, my  journey is filled with continued self-discovery, resilience, and the fulfilment of my personal and spiritual aspirations.


Engaging in volunteering and community services has been a cornerstone of my values, reinforcing my commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others. Traveling is not just a pastime; it's a source of curiosity that instills courage and self-organization. Stepping outside my comfort zone during my adventures has become a cherished way to embrace new challenges and continuously learn.

The combination of music and drives holds a special place in my heart, serving as a dynamic duo that never fails to elevate my mood. Whether it's the rhythmic beats or the open road, these moments bring a sense of joy and inspiration.

My love for both indoor and outdoor sports keeps life active and diverse. From trying my hand at squash, throwball, and tennis to enjoying leisurely board games, the spectrum of sports reflects my versatile and energetic lifestyle.

Whenever the opportunity arises, I find solace and creative expression in painting, especially when surrounded by the right music vibes. It's a unique way for me to translate emotions and experiences onto a canvas, creating a visual narrative that resonates with my artistic sensibilities.

Since my school days, the art of designing diamond jewelry has captured my passion. This creative pursuit is not just a skill; it's a journey that intertwines craftsmanship and artistic expression, allowing me to bring my visions to life in the form of exquisite pieces.

In essence, my diverse interests form a vibrant mosaic, illustrating my love for learning, exploration, creativity, and a well-rounded approach to life. Each facet contributes to a unique and fulfilling tapestry of experiences.


As a proud member of the GIA Alumni, I'm delighted to be part of a community that shares a deep passion for gemmology, providing invaluable insights into the world of precious stones. Joining the Inner Wheel Club in Mumbai, an international all-women's club, has been a source of inspiration as we collectively work towards empowering women and contributing to meaningful social causes. My involvement with WJA International has connected me globally to the intricate and fascinating realm of jewelry, offering a diverse perspective on the industry. Additionally, being a part of BNI is more than just networking; it's a dynamic space where professionals collaboratively support each other's growth, fostering meaningful business relationships. These memberships represent not just affiliations but active engagements that enrich my professional and personal journey.


With an innate eye for detail, my passion lies in the intricate world of jewelry design. I excel in merging various textures, forms, and historical eras to craft unique and visually captivating pieces. During my creative phases, I thoroughly enjoy playing with diverse elements, allowing me to bring forth designs that transcend conventional boundaries. This combination of meticulous attention to detail and a love for experimenting with textures and forms defines my skills, contributing to the creation of jewelry that reflects both precision and creativity.


Embarking on solo trips during camping and trekking adventures adds an extra layer of self-discovery and introspection, offering a unique opportunity for personal growth. Whether it's playing cricket, paddle throwball, or engaging in spiritual practices like attending Kirtans, these activities foster camaraderie, cultural exchange, and a deeper connection with nature and oneself, enriching the overall experience of the journey.


Achieving the perfect combination of success and happiness entails harmonizing personal growth and professional pursuits, ensuring alignment between the two for a fulfilling and balanced life journey.

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MY key to success lies in cultivating both spiritual depth and continuous personal growth, allowing me to harness inner wisdom and resilience while evolving into their fullest potential, thereby finding fulfillment and purpose in their endeavors.