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Though accessory design for Qwishuna began as an intentional love for "edgy" jewelry, her love quickly grew into a passion for leather accessories that extends from couture wear to every day statement pieces. This passion has birthed what's known today as Lobe Dangle's Haute Couture Leather Accessories. 

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Qwishuna releases a touch of her urban background, as well as facets of Eastern culture and the Victorian era, throughout her Lobe Dangle line. 

Why leather? Why accessories?

Qwishuna has always been drawn to leather, and its flexibility and durability. Whether in apparel, furniture, etc., leather lends a sense of warmth and luxuriousness to every day products; it's NEVER out of season! 

In her early days of working with leather, she discovered how easily something perceived as "rough" could be manipulated and formed into something so feminine and streamlined. 

Fed up with the trendiness of modern-day accessories, Qwishuna was determined to create an accessory line, using her great knack for attention and detail that crosses fashion boundaries for those who don't care to fit in. She DARED to evolve accessories as we know it, colliding the worlds of leather, accessories, and sometimes metals. 

With a spirit of excellence and a commitment to her craft, Qwishuna ensures that each Lobe Dangle piece speaks volumes to its wearer, daring them to step outside the box!

"It is always my aim to give each piece the adequate amount of time to deliver what I measure as its greatest potential." - Qwishuna Smith