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MY WHY: Jewelry Design is a passion, that for me has never run dry. It is more than a career aspiration, it is a calling that I cannot deny. It is my dream and I love using my knowledge, skills and talents to bring my clients' dreams to life. 

MY STORY: When I was 11 years old, thumbing through the pages of American Girl Magazine, I came across a beaded jewelry pattern that I knew I had to try. I quickly emptied my desk drawer to collect all the seed beads I could find and made my first "Daisy Chain" bracelet. I was so proud of what I had made and soon friends and acquaintances were asking to purchase my creations. A dream was born and it still lives inside of me 25 years later.

I spent about 12 years making jewelry with glass and gem stone beads. I was ready for a new challenge and determined it was time to branch out into the world of fine jewelry, aka, diamonds, precious stones, gold, etc. I found work in fine jewelry stores, learning how to grade diamonds, authenticate precious gem stones and design jewelry with precision.

After gaining another 12 years of experience in the fine jewelry industry,  obtaining my GIA Applied Jewelry Professional Certificate, and training with MatrixGold, I established KM Jewelry Design LLC.