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Gemology has been a lifelong interest. My grandmother had a collection of antique jewelry that fascinated and prompted me to start collecting mineral specimens. I remember spending my spare time at the library reading about the history and science of important jewels.

Gemology is lifelong interest. I come from the Urals region in Russia, famous for alexandrites and emeralds. My grandfather, working for steel and iron factory, always appreciated minerals and gemstones. He presented to my grandmother unique jewelry pieces, which prompted me to study jewelry history and gemology. In my research I was fascinated by natural diamonds color origin the most. My grandfather went to Australia and NZ to discuss iron ore business dealings when I was very young. He brought Pounamu – nephrite jade pendant as a gift. He told me about world famous Argyle mine and that I should visit it one day. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit the mine, but I went to Diamond Jewellery Studio in Melbourne, Australia in 2015 and was stunned by the beauty of pink diamonds and continued to study gemstones properties. 

For the past five and a half years I have been focused on preparation and review of the federal, multi- state, and local tax returns for Real Estate private equity funds and REITs.

Since I took my course from Pearls as One, I am dreaming to visit Philippines and Australia for thier pearl fisheries.

I have come also realize that I am eager to combine my experience with my passion to colored diamonds and South Sea pearls.