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Growing up in small town Texas, Haley Lebeuf found inspiration in the quiet pride of her family, many of whom were multidisciplinary artists themselves. In particular, her grandmother painted and traveled, always returning home with a treasure to share. These gifts are what first inspired Haley’s foray into the jewelry making world. After her grandmother passed, Haley inherited some of her jewelry. Holding the pieces in her hands, Haley was first made aware of the power of the heirloom, solidifying the true meaning of jewelry in her mind; a token of love, a shared memory, a joyful personal expression.

Above all she believes the process of making jewelry is important, that doing something yourself and doing it right is best. It is the intention that drives the design of each individual piece from start to finish.

Lebeuf is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin holding a BS in Advertising. In 2007, she enrolled in an extracurricular metalsmithing class at Austin Community College in order to learn the basics of jewelry making in earnest. After beginning her jewelry education, Haley gained extensive experience in several professional jewelry settings for four years before founding the eponymous brand of Haley Lebeuf Jewelry in 2011.

Haley Lebeuf Jewelry was named “Best of ATX” by Austin Monthly Magazine in their May 2020 issue. Lebeuf continues to serve as the Membership VP in the Austin Chapter of the Women's Jewelry Association.